Please note: All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%.

We can also help with the provision of all your catering needs as well as toilets and almost anything else you can think of, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, requests or ideas.


Item (click for pic)PriceComments
Tables - 5ft 6im diameter
(to seat up to 10 people each)
£89.00 each
Tables - 3ft diameter
(to seat up to 4 people each)
£4.50 each
Tables 6ft trestles
(to seat up to 6 people each)
£7.00 each
Chairs - wooden, folding£3.00 each(£3.50 with cushion)
Benches - wooden, 6ft£4.50 each
High chairs£12.00 each
Dance Floor£1.00 per ft²
Stage - 1ft high£45.00 per 8' x 4' section
Matting£0.25 per ft²
HeatingFrom £100 - £250+ lpg


Cordless, portable PA£80
1000 w£200
Note: Both PA's include 2 x cordless microphones and usb connection for mp3, phone, laptop etc.


Fairy lights£1.50 per metre
Festoons£2 per metre
Halogen uplights£12 each