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Details and prices *

* see notes below

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40' diameter - New for 2023! ( £1.00 per sq. foot)
100ft x 40ft4620300 £3656 Plain White
80ft x 40ft3480228 £2856 Plain White
60ft x 40ft2340156 £2056 Plain White
40ft diameter120084 £1256 Plain White
32' diameter ( £0.85 per sq. foot)
184ft x 32ft8850576£4869Blue & White2m high walling
162ft x 32ft7750504£4271Blue & White2m high walling
140ft x 32ft6650432£3673Blue & White2m high walling
118ft x 32ft5550360£3075Blue & White2m high walling
96ft x 32ft4450288£2477Blue & White2m high walling
74ft x 32ft3350216£1879Blue & White2m high walling
52ft x 32ft2250160£1281Blue & White2m high walling
32ft diameter111072£683Blue & White2m high walling
24' diameter ( £0.85 per sq. foot)
72ft x 24ft5240144 £1364 Blue & White2m high walling
60ft x 24ft4210128 £1119 Blue & White2m high walling
48ft x 24ft3180112£874Blue & White2m high walling
36ft x 24ft215096£629Blue & White2m high walling
24ft diameter17548£384Blue & White2m high walling
8ft x 12ft stage/bar extensionn/a£120* See note below
Extra cover / Add-ons
Window wallsn/a £15(per 20' section)
12ft x 22ft stage/bar extensionn/a £224* See note below
8ft x 12ft stage/bar extensionn/a£120* See note below
6ft x 11ftn/an/an/a £95(covered walkway)up to 4 sections can be added together to make it up to 44' long. * See note below
10' x 20' tent03018£140White plastic frame tent

Please note:

The capacity numbers shown are an absolute maximum and only achievable if no space is required for items such as a bar, stage, dance floor or buffet tables, etc. Maximum seating capacities can only be achieved when using long tables, so the number is slightly reduced when using round ones.

All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%.

* Note: The extensions and walkway are not compatible with the 40' marquees, the extensions can only attach along a straight edge and will not attach to round marquees